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Project Book by Appointed Co.

Project Book by Appointed Co.

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I’m thrilled to bring one of my favorite needlepoint accessories to you! Track your needlepoint projects, dye lots, and finishing ideas in this handy book. This project book is bound in perfect blue chambray with “PROJECT BOOK” imprinted on the spine in gold foil.

I’ll include a small cutting of canvas in case you want to personalize the cover with needlepoint!


  • cotton page marker

  • a project overview page which you can use as a table of contents

  • daily project planner spread with a checklist on one side and a dot grid on the other

  • numbered pages so it’s easy to index


70# smooth interior

5.5” x 8.5”

Made in the U.S.A.

About Appointed Co.

Our aim is simple: to create products you'll use well and hold on to, while prioritizing sustainability in every aspect of our production—from raw materials to packaging. Partnering with U.S. manufacturers who share these values, sourcing locally to lessen our carbon footprint, and choosing 100% curbside-recyclable packaging are among the steps we've taken to ensure Appointed products are friendlier to our planet.

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